While my parents were on vacation, and I had requested 3 days off in a row, I took that time to really sit down and go through all my planner supplies. I am such a paper hoarder, especially now, thanks to Paper Tales (which will have it's own post). I'm constantly buying paper and saving it. About two months ago, I came across this paper from a craft store called Beverly's Fabrics. They have a small scrapbooking section, which includes some double sided paper! I saw this print, and was instantly ready to purchase. I had originally bought it to make dividers for my planner, and then I had an idea for the left overs. 

 There is a sheet of project life style sizes and I used that to cut out and laminate into magnets. I call them my "retro girls". They make me think of women in the 50's, that were stay at home moms. I was instantly reminded of a collection the Reset Girl has on her website as well. I was wanting to include a magnet in with the dividers I sell, but lately, no sales!!

The little squares PRE magnet

Those prints!!

The finished product

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