I started to obsess over It'sPaperDear items about 2 months back. I had fallen in love with the traveler notebook covers, and the little doodles that were attached. Back in December there was a Santa Claus dori. Zie has the greatest illustrations, and I'm constantly watching her stories on Instagram. Her username is: @ziedarling and for shopping it's @itspaperdear

 I had gotten my cover during a FLASH sale she was having before putting her shop on "vacation" mode. She was having a microdori that I was kind of lusting over, but I was too slow on that, so I quickly grabbed the pocket size faux leather one that was available. I'M IN LOVE!!! It's so pretty, and the color is amazing. The inside has floral fabric, and doily lace pockets. There's a pretty pen holder as well! This purchase was one I did not feel guilty about.

photo from @itspaperdear

inserts from sewmuchcrafting on Etsy

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